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about Us

Romans Ranch is where you go to build communication and connection. Whether you are a company trying to find innovative ways to help your team learn how to communicate more effectively, or you are a veteran seeking a way to connect again to civilian life, Romans Ranch can be a part of your journey.


We saw our first client in December of 2020 and we are excited to work with you, your family, or your organization.

Why Horses?

The sensitive nature of horses allows them to show those struggling to communicate and connect to themselves and others that their strategies aren't working. It is the partnerships that we create between our therapists, equines, and equine professionals that reveals our clients' inner reserves of strength, resilience, and hope. We believe that everyone can take steps to heal and move forward. Come see how we can help you on your journey today.

Quote Mark

“Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character, and character hope, and hope does not disappoint.” Romans 5:3

Wild Icelandic Horses

Our Founder

Danielle Andersen-Jeppesen has been an avid horse enthusiast her entire life. She was practically born in her cowboy boots and hat, and not much has changed!


Those early years on her parent's farm inspired her to build her life and raise her family in the agricultural community of the Boone and Ames area. But along with her love of the farm life she has also had a passion for working with others and helping them heal, both physically and mentally. She has spent years as a clinical exercise specialist and a foster adoptive parent to youth struggling to connect. 


Danielle has amassed skills and expertise through multiple degrees and decades of lived experience. She recieved her two undergraduate degrees from Iowa State University in Biology and Exercise Science, with two minors in Pre-Med, Gerontology, and Equine Studies. She is currently Level 1 certified in Natural Lifemanship, soon to be recieving her Level 2 certification. She has also earned her Masters in Healthcare Administration from Des Moines University.


But she knows the value of lived experience too. She has been tested by uncertainty and grief; brought on by the sudden loss of her first husband, the serious medical conditions many of her children face, and her own disability. Danielle is her very own unsinkable Molly Brown and is excited to bring Equine Therapy to her beloved local community.


Romans Ranch is a culmination of passion, education, and years of dedication to the art of healing trauma and living a life of resilient joy. See what we can do for you and your family.

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